1. Introduction:
1.1. This Privacy Policy is designed to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our users.
Data that visitors provide to us through optional registration through the paths “Site registration” and “Submit a question”.

2. Information Collected Automatically:
2.1. The host server automatically records some information about visitors. This information includes the date and time of your visit, operating system, and the address of the page (URL) from which you came to our site.
2.2. This data enables us to improve the contents of the site to suit the needs of our visitors, and to protect the site from intrusions

3. Information entered by the user:
3.1. The information you provide enables us to help our visitors, provide them with useful information, and communicate with them, and at the same time help us improve the content of the site in line with their needs.
3.2. The information collected is used to answer questions and improve user experience.
3.3. Under no circumstances, this information is not provided or sold to any third party, whether from advertisers or other sponsors or otherwise.

4. Unacceptable content in the respondent:
4.1. Any offensive content that contains obscene and offensive words.
4.2. Disrespect for well-known personalities.
4.3. Political and partisan content.
4.4. Content that promotes sexual and behavioral violence.

5. External services:
5.1. This website uses tracking services and statistical analysis of visitors provided by other websites. almojib.com is interested in choosing the most secure and reliable services and takes into account all the necessary standards to ensure the protection of data privacy in all external services used.

6. Ensure Information Security:
6.1. almojib.com seriously evaluates the importance of ensuring the security of the information in our possession, not losing it, and preventing its misuse or modification. This is done by reducing the powers of access to this information to the maximum extent possible, whether it is stored or during transmission.

7. Data deletion and modification:
7.1. And you can modify your information registered with us directly from your personal page.
7.2. You can change or delete your questions at any time through the program, and you can also submit the question with your name hidden.

8. Delete the account:
8.1. You can delete your Facebook account information from the respondent by clicking on the last button in the settings i.e. “Delete Facebook Account”